Reverse psychology?


Den Brer Fox know dat he bin swop off mighty bad.


Brer Fox thought that he had Brer Rabbit this time, but he let his guard down. Brer Rabbit outsmarted him at his own game. He was at the mercy of the "Tar Baby" and Brer Fox and had to resort to his cleverness to get him out. By using reverse psychology on Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit is set free by Brer Fox. A lesson learned by Brer Fox, never take things for granited. Brer Rabbit let his rival think he had the upper hand and used that to his advantage.


Oh that rabbit is a sly one and boy can he talk his way out of anything, I kind of feel bad for the Brer Fox!

I kinda felt bad too :( I enjoy the lessons taught in these stories. This brief paragraph explains how Brer Rabbit tricks all the tricksters, making him like an ultimate trickster.

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