Finding God Through Nature According to Emerson



Chapter VII - Spirit 

Idea for Paper I, Emerson's Nature.

Nature is a spiritual experience through which one finds God but doesn’t always understand him.


Remember the final paragraph of Emerson's "Spirit" that we discussed when we paired up in class? You could really incoorporate the idea we discovered (the insignifcance of man compaired to the divinity of nature)into this topic about god/nature as a spiritul experience.

What do you think of this suggestion, Valerie? Thanks for bringing it up, Stephanie.

Is there any support in Nature for the claim that Nature is not a spiritual experience, or that one can always understand God? I'd feel better able to comment on this approach if I knew what passages you plan to cite pro and con your main argument. You've certainly hit on an important main theme, and I expect this idea will develop nicely as you gather the evidence.

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