Geography does matter no matter where you are...


Geography Matters......

In chapter 19 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster proves just how important geography is "So, high or low, near or far, north or south, east or west, the places of peoms and fiction really matter." Not only can a geographic location let the reader know where the story is taking place, it also sets the tone and representation of meaning. A beautiful sunset on a tropical island can be romantic, while a dark, stormy night almost always leads to something scary or frightening.

 Dr. Seuss's Oh! The Places You'll Go, I believe, is a great example of representing life's encounters. Although it doesn't take place in any specific geographic location, Seuss uses each "place" you will go as a situation you will face at one point in your life, "streets not marked, going left or right, wide open spaces, up many a frightening creek, etc." These all represent stages of the "mountain" in life that you will climb.

Yes,Geography does matter



Yes, the places you go really does affect who you are and will become. How much personal growth can occur if you stay in the same geographical location?

Before reading chapter 19 I never really thought about where you live could have such an affect on the person that you are and maybe the changes that are necessary in life have to start with location, location, location!!

How many times do people change their minds and ideas based on a trip that allowed them to see things differently? Quite often. You are very right about location.

I love The Places You Will Go, my sister bought me a copy when I graduated high school and it really gets me every time I read it. Geography definitely does have something to do with almost every decision that we make. I know right now, it is something that weighs heavily on my mind. I'm looking at grad schools and none of them are even remotely close to home. I have to constantly think about how this will affect my daughter and my entire extended family. So as of right now I can really relate to this chapter on the importance of geography!

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