Harry Potter "Marked for Greatness"

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 21.

"How many stories do you know in which the hero is different from everyone else in some way, and how many times is that difference physically visible?"

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and his scar is his "Marked for Greatness" symbol or mark of survival that represents a heroic symbol. It's the constant reminder of why Harry is who he is and does what he needs to do. Without his scar, there's no story. Throughout the series, the scar is not always visible, but when it is, the reader knows something  is going to happen and it probably won't be good. This scar on anyone else would just be a scar, but for Harry it is the story of life, beginning with the death of his parents.

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I have not read or watched anything to do with Harry Potter and I was very curious about what they were referring to in this chapter. Thanks you for sharing with us and as soon as I get a spare moment (in six years, probably) I do plan on reading this series.

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