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My name is Valerie and I am a novice to the blogging world. I never blogged before American Lit (EL266), so this has been quite the learning process for me. I have listed my blogs chronologically by date.

Participation Portfolio 1  

"Young Goodman Brown" had the honor of being my first blog.

And then came "The Scarlet Letter."

 I'm now starting to get the hang of blogging, although I see I have a long way to go.

The readings in How to Read Literature Like a Professor shed some insight on the other readings we are doing.

Ok, enough with the Scarlet Letter, I think we've read and analyzed it to death, but in the process, learned much more about the story. I find the comments and responses from the others interesting and many give a different perspective. 

 On to poetry....

 Emily Dickinson proves to be a somewhat disturbed individual within her poetry, close readings have been interesting.


 At this point I figured out how to link to my comment page, (I think)...

More from "How to Read Literature Like a Professor"

 Along comes Bartleby, a sad character that "would not prefer to do much of anything" but is very good at annoying those around him. This reading sparked interesting comments from others.

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nature. His comparisons between God and nature give a feeling they could be one in the same at times.


Using Emerson's "Nature" as a topic for Paper 1.

John Henry, another entertaining story/ballad that actually has meaning in today's world.

 Uncle Remus, although entertaining, was a mentally exhausting reading, thank goodness for the podcast.


 My  first thesis paper presubmission.

 Blogging on Foster's How to Read Literature LIke a Professor in between other readings is a nice change of pace. I can appreciate the literature we are reading a little more.

 This is where I will end the assignment. There are more blogs to follow, but before I get too confused with what I have done so far, I would like to end here. As interesting as this class is, I get overwhelmed at times with so many different assignments going on at once.  I hope by the end of the semester I will able to blog with the best of them, but for now I'll do the best I can with what I am learning.








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