Slavery and the economy


It's sad to think that something as terrible as slavery was once good for the economy. I found reading From Sunup To Sundown a bit disturbing. I can't imagine owning another human being for proift. After reading that and then continuing with Adventures of Huckleberry Finn I find myself thinking how casual the characters were about the whole slave situation. I guess back then that was all they knew but it is still unsettling to think this was permitted as a way of life at one time.


I agree, it is a shame to think that at one point American's had no problem owning another human being. People who's lives were centered around money should be ashamed.

Peoples lives are still centered around money, it amazes me that there are so many rich American but there are still children that go to bed hungry every night. I know that the rich do give to charities, for the tax breaks, but there needs to be a better system of distributing the wealth to families that need it.

Shame and disgust are only some of what are felt at the thought of what has occurred in our nation's past. Imagine if the casual image portrayed in the book has surprised you, how you would react if you were to time travel back to that time for a day or two.

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