Twain's comic relief through Jim

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Humor in Huckleberry Finn


By EARL F. BRIDEN, Bryant College

 In this academic journal, Briden explains how Twain stages a comic routine between JIm and Huck in chapter 8. This was Twain's way of exploiting humor in the financial pages during a time when America was an up and coming nation of industrial and financial capital.

"What did you speculate in, Jim?"
"Well, lust I tackled stock."
"What kind of stock?" "Why, live stock. Cattle, you know. I put ten dollars in a cow. But I ain' gwyne to resk no mo' money in stock. De cow up 'n' died on my han's." (55) 

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Briden, Earl F. "Playing the live stock market: Topical humor in Huckleberry Finn." ANQ 9.2 (1996): 14. Academic Search Elite. EBSCO. Web. 16 Oct. 2010.





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Hah, I loved that joke. Was the whole article about financial humor in that section, or did it cover other topics as well?

It is fairly common to find abbreviations of journal titles. I suppose publishers do this to save printing expenses. But for your future EL266 work, I ask that you spell out all the titles in your Works Cited list.

Good job -- you have demonstrated that you can find a peer-reviewed academic article.

A complete MLA style citation would include the length, and that would also help me confirm that you have found a full-length article (the assignment asks for a minimum of 8 pages).

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