March 02, 2005

El Portfolio

Ah, time for another collection of my best works from this semester. The hard part is- what to put in? They are all so good...ha.

"A Good Man is Hard to Find". That's For Sure...- My take on Flannery O'Conner's short story.

It Didn't Make Me Laugh- Denis T. Askin's article on the O'Conner story

Warming Up- Jack London's classic story "To Build a Fire"

Article- Short entry on a very difficult academic article

"The Machine Stops"- My amazingly brillant insights on the short story

Poetry- Thoughts on a collection of several poems

Prufrock- Long hard poem

V-Day Special- Poems appropriately assigned on Valentine's Day

Life and Death with the Raven- No, not that poem

Disfigurements and Blindness- All in the Name of Literature- A look at one of the many insightful chapters of Foster's book

Tempest- My beginning thoughts on the famous play

Ever Heard of Courtship Will?- Sometimes Shakespeare rushes into things

"The Tempest"- A Lovely Poem- "Tempest", blank verse style

Wrapping It All Up- "The Tempest"- Another look at Shakespeare's work

Shakespeare's Religion- Does religion matter?

The Same Story Over and Over- Academic atricles on "The Tempest"

Poor Miranda- Sexism? Feminism? It's all about Miranda

Different Opinion- Everyone sees the play differently I suppose

Comment Mania:
Chris- Read Between the Lines- To Build a Fire
Chris- Tick-tock, tick-tock...
Chris- Shake Up The Tempest II (A blank verse comment too!)
Moira- The Comedy of Tragedy
Valerie- The Tempest, Acts I and II
Kristen- Response to Beauregard's article

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