February 21, 2007

The One, the Only, the Blog Portfolio

You missed the blog portfolio, don't lie.

Coverage and Timeliness
Creating Tradition- The first entry for the new semester. Good thing I started it off right.
Stop Criticizing Me- I don't take criticism well
What is Literature? Good Question...- And we still don't really know
Hola Benito!- Benito! Mi chico, que pasa?
Wordage- The first of many
Don't Look Back- The great debate over criticism
Interpretations or Lack Thereof- The infamous Hirsch article, our favorite
Crazy is as Crazy Does- What else would this be about? "The Yellow Wallpaper" of course!
Melville Wasn't As Creative As We Thought- That liar
Even YOU Can Be a Formalist- For the low low price of $19.95
Revisiting the Tempest- She hasn't changed a bit
We All Have Our Reasons- They just aren't always good ones
Isn't It Ironic?- Wow, an entry about irony from Vanessa. Shock
Fun With Historical Readings- What? You mean you don't do lit crit for fun?
Eternal Keats- Figures he'd be the eternal one
Wordage- Numero dos
That Crazy Keats- I always knew he was a little off
Wordage- And yet a third time!
Criticism for Hippies- Peace, man
Tempt Me...With Your Words- Ooo...Shakespeare...
Melville, You Liar- You can't trust that man for anything
Chic-Lit- My favorite type
I Want to be the Ideal Reader- Don't we all?

Creating Tradition
Don't Look Back
Even YOU Can Be a Formalist
Criticism for Hippies
I Want to be the Ideal Reader

Blog Carnival
The Blog Carnival Needs Some Rides- Seriously, we need a ferris wheel and some soft pretzels

Hola Benito!
Stop Criticizing Me

What is Literature? Good Question...
Stop Criticizing Me
Don't Look Back
Interpretations or Lack Thereof
Crazy is as Crazy Does
Even YOU Can Be a Formalist
Isn't It Ironic?

Comment Primo
Tiffany- Musical Poetry, This is Your Life, Falling Slowly Into Depression
Karissa- Step Off Author...This is My Poem Now, Our Own Thoughts on the Urn Ode, Author Reliance, Cutting Out the Author
Valerie- Shakespeare, You Dirty Man!, Dr. Jerz Just Caught Me Making the Blog, As BatlySaid: I Meant to do That!, Interdisciplinary Lesson?, Donald Keesey Gives Me a Complex

Comment Grande
Karissa- Author Reliance
Valerie- Dr. Jerz Just Caught Me Making the Blog, As BatlySaid: I Meant to do That!

Comment Informative
Tiffany- This is Your Life
Valerie- Donald Keesey Gives Me a Complex

I'm Not Your Friend If You Don't Comment On My Blog- Just as random as you'd expect from me

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