April 19, 2007

Disney, Universal, and Dickens?

As English majors, I'm sure you'll appreciate this article. And as non-English majors, I'm sure you'll appreciate the "What the hell?" element as well.

I recently stumbled across an article about, and I'm being completely serious about this, a Charles Dickens theme park in England called (and again, I'm not making this up) Dicken's World. Because nothing sounds like a good time more than a Victorian-era theme-park based on an author.

Now, I can see a nice re-creation of the Victorian age as a vyable attraction idea- like Williamsburg. But oh, no, the British have taken it to a new level and made an actual theme-park based on the life and works of Dickens. The attractions include pickpockets and wenches, as well as a haunted house and animatronic theater show. And I was worried the park might be kitchy or boring...

The best part of the entire park, in my opinion, is its location. As per the article, Dicken's World is "sandwiched between an outlet mall and a multiplex cinema". Does no one else find the humor in this irony?

I guess this is just another thing to add to my list of why I should return to England. Forget the Globe Theatre, I have Dicken's World to go to.

Posted by VanessaKolberg at April 19, 2007 9:56 AM | TrackBack

I love the irony, Nessa! We should convince Jerz to take a field trip. I wonder if they have corny t-shirts and one of those photo stations where we can dress like the characters of his novels--ick! While England does have a lot of charm and class, we have to remember that the Spice Girls have come from there also. The country has definitely stepped over the borderline of tacky on this one! Do they really think preschoolers are going to understand the "historical significance" of this part?

Posted by: Erin at April 19, 2007 12:10 PM


Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at April 19, 2007 12:20 PM

Oh, this is soooo tacky. I have a high affection for the British people, but I do not doubt their tackiness. I don't think the little kids will "get it" though. What fun is Dickens World when you have Mickey? Granted, they are British though, so they were probably raised on Dickens from birth.

Posted by: Nessa at April 19, 2007 1:02 PM

Wait--the Spice Girls are going to be singing at Dicken's World?! OMG--we must go now!

Hopefully they have a disgusting prison we can walk through.

Posted by: Valerie Masciarelli at April 19, 2007 1:11 PM
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