April 30, 2007

Saving the Best for Last: Blog Portfolio III

I titled this "Saving the Best for Last" but really, is it? Truthfully, no. This blog portfolio is small and does not showcase the full extend of my literary criticism knowledge. To get that, you'd have to look back at my first entry of the semester and read up until now. Each week I think (and hope) I have progressed from a naive and doubtful student to one who has an effective grasp on this thing we call lit crit.

Honestly, I started out with numerous aprehensions about this course. I'd never had another lit crit class, didn't know much about it, and have always been the annoying girl in class going "Aren't we reading a bit too much into this?". I didn't think I would be able to grasp all the ideas presented, let alone use or apply them to anything. Mimetic? New Historicism? All foreign words in my limited lit crit vocabulary. Then a remarkable thing happened- I got it. Granted, it wasn't an easy task right away. Looking at my early blog entries, I see that I was just summarizing the text and putting in my own sarcastic input where possible. I didn't really read into what it actually meant for the study of literarture or how it could be applied to the text. Although the numerous essays each week were a bit daunting at times, I think without such a wide selection and representation of each form I would not have been able to grasp the forms as well as I have.

This is not to say I'm a literary criticism pro- far from it. Yet, I certainly "get" it now, as shown through my presentation and term project. Here I was not only understanding lit crit, but also applying it as well! I've come full circle I think- I understand, I can explain, I can relate, and I can apply (maybe a bit too much- now I analyze everything, which makes reading a Cosmo tough). I even, dare I say it, like some forms of criticism! It's been a long journey, but I've done it and have taken more from this course than I initially assumed.

And now, onto the portfolio.

Coverage and Timeliness
The Irony of Wallpaper- My class presentation blog
The Culture of Lit- Of course my favorite form of lit crit would be last
It's All About Culture- Except When It's Not- Garson kind of killed the urn for me
Literature, History, Politics, and Confusion- A nice combo, I think
Lit Crit is Not for the Innocent- That's why I shouldn't study it, right?

The Irony of Wallpaper

Blog Carnival
Blog Carnival: Education Style

Literature, History, Politics, and Confusion

The Irony of Wallpaper
It's All About Culture- Except When It's Not
Lit Crit is Not for the Innocent

Comment Primo
Erin- It's All an Allusion...Or is It?
Erin- Garson Goes for the Girlie

Comment Grande
Karissa- Aphostrophizing Feminist Tendencies

Disney, Universal, and Dickens?

Term Projects
So How Sweet Is Lit Crit?
Term Project- Sleeping Beauty as Literary Critique
Peer Review Fun

Portfolio III -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

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