November 1, 2007

In Conclusion...

Let me start out by saying that the conclusion to It Ain't Necessarily So was not a conclusion at all, but rather Chapter 11. I didn't feel concluded, I felt like I was reading yet another chapter of a somewhat repetative book.

"One of the most common is that of the vilian, the victim, and the hero. If a story can be arranged in this format, it will get media attention, often without a great deal of scrutiny as to who, exactly, the respective players are and by what criteria they were assigned their roles" (188).

As journalists, we are casting people in a play and assigning them roles which they will forever keep. Ever hear of an actor that can't break out of a previous role (once Marcia Brady, always Marcia Brady)? Same goes for the "characters" in articles. Once a jouranlist have villanized a company or group, they will always been seen in this negative light. Even if they do something amazing, like donate millions of dollars to some charity, the journalist will continue to cast them as a villian and focus on the negatives becasue, well, the negatives sell.

What have I gained from this book? To make sure I know my facts...all of them. Look at both sides of the story, and report on them too. And nothing is ever as it seems.

(Sidenote: This is my 201st entry. The 200th was the Halloween one yesterday. 4 years of blogging, 200 entries. Wow do I feel old)

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