November 1, 2007

Portfolio World- Like Disney, But Better

Ok, that's a lie. Disney World is way better than my blog portfolio. But Portfolio World is a close second...

Coverage and Timeliness- All the entries, all on time. Yes.

What's the Truth?-Heck if I know.
Digging for Buried Treasure- And I have yet to find any...
Creating Optimism- Yes, you can make it
Sink or Swim- Swim, hopefully
So That's Why I'm So Paranoid- Yeah, among other reasons
Go Ahead, Shoot the Messenger- This time, he deserves it
In Conclusion... - The end of the book

Depth- Sometimes, I go above and beyond

Creating Optimism
Go Ahead, Shoot the Messenger

Interaction- Where I play nicely with others

What's the Truth?
Creating Optimism

Discussions- Entries where I get people talking, er, commenting

Digging for Buried Treasure
What's the Truth?
Creating Optimism
So That's Why I'm So Paranoid

Xenoblogging- Totally a made up word

Comment Grande:
Dani- Only Chicken???
Tiffany- Statistics Disproven
Maddie- Americans Afraid of Risks?
Mitch- Blame O.J.- He Don't Mind, Poll Dancing

Comment Grande:
Tiffany- Frog Blog
Maddie- Whoever Will Win, the Foxes or the Hedgehogs?

Halloween Scrooge

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