November 18, 2007

The Best Stories are the Bad Ones

"The public constantly asks why there is not more 'good' or 'positive' news in the paper." (37)

Sound familiar to anyone? It's the same old song- journalists only report on the bad news, bad news sells, etc., etc. However, if we keep reading about how only the bad news gets printed, or how the good stories are practically hidden on the page, there must be a good bit of truth to it, hm?

The chapter doesn't really give too many examples of what can be done to fix the problem, though. Ok, sure, report on the good things as well as the bad but after the obvious, what else is there? The media reports manin on the bad news because A) that's the interesting story that people need to know about and B) it's what sells. Bad news is generally interesting and good news, while interesting in it's own right, won't create the same buzz as a good accident. Although it might be a "best practice" to report each equally, even the book seems to know that the bad news is what's always going to be out there.

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