November 18, 2007

Newspapers are Unfair...

"Newspapers are unfair when...they do anything."

Ok, while that's not a direct quote from the book, it might as well be. Ever get the feeling you can't do anything right? That's sort of how this book made me feel. The public looks down on journalists so much, apparently. Anything can be considered "unfair" through the public's perception, which makes it hard for journalists to catch a break it seems.

Apart from being a little let down at how others view journalists, the book did provide some interesting advice on how to kill these negative assumptions. It's one thing to say what the newspapers are doing unfairly, but this problem also needs solved as well. The advice given for what journalists and newspapers can do will help publications run in the best and most ethical way possible so that the negative views slowly disappear. Who knew journalists were liked about as much as lawyers?

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