November 24, 2007

Not a Classic For Me

Um...what if none of the "Classics" really fit into what I'm doing my article on? The examples given are by far excellent pieces of journalism, but most are "hard" stories that doesn't really match the feature-ish article I'm doing. They all seem so serious, while my topic seems a bit frivolous.

If I have to chose an article though, I would say Dorothy Thompson's "Mr. Wells and Mass Delusion" works for me. While I am not writing an opinion piece, this was an article that wasn't too "hard" (like hard news). The technique I found useful was the tone of the piece. It wasn't too serious or commanding, even thought it was a persuasive essay, but read much like, and I hate to say it, a magazine piece. I've gotten used to this sort of short clipped get-it-all-in-as-few-words-as-humanly-possible style of newspaper writing that to see a longer more prose style clicked for me as something I could possibly use in my article. Since it would be more of a feature article, I could potentially have a little fun with it and use a similar style.

The part I especially liked was, "They have demonstrated...they have cast...they have shown...they have proved..." etc. (264). While I couldn't replicate this style in my article (plagerism=bad), the idea of a list of things seems like a good device to use, especially in an article like mine. A list of ways students feel they are unprepared, perhaps?

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Interesting...I too had problems identifying with any of the stories under the classics section, and then also ended up picking Thompson's article. Even though I picked Thompson's article because of her personal interpretation (which I guess could kinda be considered tone?),I'm also aiming for a more feature-like approach to my article. All in all I think that our similar pick shows how Thompson really succeeded in writing a great feature article in every aspect possible.

Posted by: Jackie Johns at November 25, 2007 7:58 PM
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