November 27, 2007

Yes! The Inverted Pyramid is Back, Baby!

Ok, so I kind of have a thing for the inverted pyramid structure. It's a healthy obsession, I assure you.

Chapter 10 of ABNW could also have been titled, "Vanessa's high school journalism classes". Yes, years and years ago I took several high school journalism classes that instilled in me the the same ideas as presented in the chapter. Also, experience has made the newswriting style almost inevitable (I didn't say I was good at it- just that I can do it). However, reviews are always good.

"Reporters fall into two categories: those who get assignments and those who generate ideas. And of those who get assignments, there are also two categories: those who do what they're told and those who expand the assignment and make the story their own" (290).

I loved this quote. Journalists should keep this phrase in mind when faced with a difficult (or even overly easy assignment). Who do you want to be- the easy way out writer or the dive right in and get the best story possible one? I think we're all trying for the latter here. However, deadlines can pose problems or a novice writer might be too afraid to "expand the assignment" since they are used to just doing what they are told (I would be that reporter). However, try to do the best assignment possible, no matter what the subject, and take a risk every now and then. It might just work *cough*Onesentencereporter*cough*.

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