December 4, 2007


As I was working to prepare the latest installment of the blogging portfolio, I was hit with an overwhelming realization- this will be the last change I have to blog. I'm a senior graduating in May and will not have another class with Dr. Jerz next semester. So not only will this upcoming portfolio be my last (I'm not too sad about that part), but also these will be my last class entries for, well, ever. Unless the master's in popular fiction program here requires me to blog. In that case, maybe I'll go for my master's elsewhere...(kidding Dr. Jerz, only kidding).

Upon this realization, I started to feel a little nostalgic. While I wasn't part of the class the pioneered blogging at SHU (that was the class of 2007), I am in the group that has blogged the longest. For four years I've turned to Moveable Type to express my like, dislike, or all and all hate of classroom readings. I've written completely random entries about all sorts of topics, from driving to "Gilmore Girls." I have interacted with classmates, shared ideas, argued, and formed weird blogging friendships. For four years, I have to say blogging has taken up a lot of my time.

In honor of my last official entries, I am taking a look back at my first: Look at Me, I have a Blog! Wow was it bad (and yet for some reason was cited in a grad student's paper). A lot of my first entries were pretty sad, a little over eager, and sometimes not even very informative. However, they were still distinctly me. I am proud to say I have maintained my sarcastic and hopefully somewhat witty tone throughout my time blogging. I developed a "blogging personality," if you will. Out of it came a tone and a blogging name- "Special K" (which is not a drug reference, geez. It's a play on the cereal name because my last name starts with K. I always thought that'd be obvious until I realized it really wasn't). I have also developed my skills as a blogger. My entries are no longer the ones written by the freshman of four years ago. No, I have progressed, dug deeper, explored more, and have come out a well seasoned blogging senior.

This isn't a good bye to blogging. I'm sure I'll start up when the mood hits or whenever I have something particularly snarky or interesting I need to share with the world. But until then, it's been fun.

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