December 5, 2007

The End of the End of the End

The day has finally come: this is my last blogging portfolio...ever. Wow, I feel old.

Coverage and Timeliness- Not only do I cover things well, but I also do them on time

There's a lot of Crime in Chicago- and everywhere else
Don't Mess Up- no one likes people who make mistakes
The Best Stories are the Bad Ones- because who wants to read about anything good?
Newspapers are Unfair...- apparently always
Not a Classic for Me- I go against the standard
The Amazing One Sentence Article- not a sideshow attraction, I promise
A Newspaper Novella- can't anyone just write a normal article?
Yes! The Inverted Pyramid is Back, Baby!- after reading this, you'll be just as excited about it too
The "Deep" Stuff- the Ethics of Journalism- you always have to do the right thing

Depth- Diving deep and sinking in

Don't Mess Up
Not a Classic for Me
Yes! The Inverted Pyramid is Back, Baby!

Interaction- What's the fun if we can't interact?

Don't Mess Up

Discussions- Where people talk about how amazing my entries are...or, um, something like that...

There's a lot of Crime in Chicago
The "Deep" Stuff- the Ethics of Journalism

Xenoblogging- totally made up word

Comment Primo
Bethany- Creative Crime Report, Morrie's Man
Mitch- Like a Pilot Episdoe of Some Court Drama, Creative- Maybe. Chaucer- No!

Comment Grande
Mitch- Queens on the Diamond
Maddie- This is So a Story!!

Nostalgia- reach for the tissues

El fin.

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