October 4, 2004

Hypertext Fiction

We have all been using hypertext and playing games, and we are almost to the point of understanding. Now we need to look at a new type of game, Hypertext Fiction. On Dictionary.com it defines fiction as an imaginative creation or a prtense that does not represent actuallity but has been invented. Hypertext Fiction is games that can go anywhere and do anything. Hypertext Fiction is just like normal hypertext as in it is audio-visually stimulating, but here the story line is anything a person can or wants to think up.Hypertext fiction is now over fifteen years old, and during these years hypertext has often been conceptualized using spatial metaphors.

What is hypertext Fiction, How do we know when somethign is hypertext fiction?
Find out

A games that I found that was interesting was Wingspan. It is a battle between Heaven and Hell. I was just looking over some web sites and found it, and it got my eye. Some other web sites that gave games where Eastgate, and Duke which gives some explination as well.

Some other pages that helped me where Duke, and Caxton. A page that might also help with hypertext is the presintation that was given for class about Hypertext.

Posted by VictoriaMara at October 4, 2004 10:30 AM