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Game 1: September 12

When I first glanced at the opening page, I though that the game might be some sort of interactive game with serious game play.  When I read down on the screen I realize that the game had already began, as stated.  As well as the opening screen stated war on terror.  These are key terms that stood out to me.  As the game started I realized that the setting was in the Middle East, in a small Middle Eastern town.  Then I noticed the target on the screen.  Being impatient as I am I just clicked and saw the missile fly in and explode on the targeted area.  I thought to myself ok, this game is apparently in response to the attack on September 11.  I also noticed that you can’t avoid the innocent bystanders when targeting the ‘enemies’.  The game was to kill all with no remorse for what or who was destroyed.  I personally did not enjoy the game.  After 15 seconds of playing it became very repetitive and old.  The topic of the game is some what ‘sick’ but at the same time might help someone cope with the war on terrorism, some how.


Game 2: Madrid

Again at the introduction screen I was under the impression that the game was going to be a more innovative, story like game.  And again I was fooled.  Lighting candles, and keeping the lit.  That was the core of the game.  As much as I tried to keep the candles lit, and I was moving pretty fast, I could not fill up the bar in the lower screen.  I wasn’t sure what the point of the game was, but when I thought about it, there seemed to be an underlying message and point to the game.  No matter how much you support something, or love and represent something, its almost impossible to get everyone to feel the same way.  All people are not alike and keeping the ‘lights’ lit or keeping happiness and harmony, it virtually impossible.


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