Game Analysis 2: Army Men Series

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The series was based on a war between four main sets of plastic army men: the Green, the Tan, the Blue, and the Grey.  I played and successfully completed each game, down to the last final mission, successfully beating each game, defeating the enemy.  I was so taken away by this game, and for no apparent reason.  There was no blood, the graphics were good for the time, it had your war game elements within the mission, and for some reason I was so consumed with it.  I started with Army Men: Air Attack in 1999 on Playstation, and continued until 2001 Portal Runner.  I think the unique design of the games missions draws the player in.  The graphics are not the most visually stimulating, but the concept of the game itself identifies with the player.  Each game comes with an overall objective, in Army Men: Sarge’s Hero’s , “Vikki has been kidnapped by General Plastro of the evil Tan army. To get her back, you will need to face countless Tan soldiers, tanks, helicopters and even robots. Stranger enemies await you as well: giant insects from another world. The Tan Army has captured portals to a strange world of giants. When you travel to these worlds, you will find yourself engaged in combat through giant kitchens, bathrooms, and an enormous sandcastle.”(Game Revolution)  ),  this version breaks new ground in its search for interactive environments. You take the fight into the home as your miniaturized soldiers shoot it out on the shores of the bathroom, in bedroom trenches, and on kitchen battlefields. In each game that came out you would get something different, graphic, weapons, missions, would all be different.  I was always excited about the new version.  It was a step in a different direction for me as far as playing video games goes.  It was different from the usual blood, guts, monsters, things of that nature.  I enjoyed destroying plastic army men.  Just like when I was a child, expect for real guns and real action.  Some how I probably fulfilled some childhood dream of actually playing with my army men.  Who doesn’t want to see their toys come to life?  It’s a great game that I spent many countless hours on with no regret. 


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