Interactive Fiction

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Zach Talkovic



After reviewing and reading about what interactive fiction is, how it was created, how its played, where its gone, I have come to the conclusion that its not for me.  The way that games were created is interesting and how gaming has come so far is interesting to see.  But other than that my feelings towards it are 'bluhg'.  I am a visual person, so seeing is very important in my game play.  The text play games don't keep my interest at all.  If I'm not seeing it, I don't seem to care, it just doesn't keep me wanting to know more.  I think that a important element to gaming now, and probably a big reason text isn't as big as it was.  With all the new effects, visual game play it would seem hard to compete, unless you are a classic gamer.  Text gaming was the start of something, and has evolved into more adavanced gaming.  Just like with anything, when something is first presented, and its the first of its kind, everyone is going to be amazed, but then later on another company is going to make a better version that has better graphics, better controls, better everything.  That is what makes the world a interesting place.  Relating that to game culture, look and the game reviewing and how that has changed.  A new for of reviewing has been formed and could eventually take the place of classic reviewing.  It is really hard for me to really get into this text gaming, interactive fiction because in now way does it appeal to me, especially being that there is no visual inticement at all.  I have given it an honest try, but just can't get the jist of it.  It is interesting to see where gameing got its roots from, but as far as playing these classic text games, it's just not working for me.

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