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After reading through Jerz's HIstory of Video games I felt like I learned something new and interesting.  Back in teh fall of 07 in my Internet Communication Class, I did a paper on the history of the Internet.  When reading through Jerz's document i felt familiar with some of the content that was being discussed.  But when i watched the games that he talked about Tennis for Two, Spacewar!, and Maze War, I was in amazement.  When I saw the computers they were using, i realized how far we have come.  Technology has grown drastically, and reading the document makes you realize that. 

Maze War was obviously a new technology.  You could tell that gaming was just beginning.  It was very simple in its concept.  Not to appealing to me at all.  But then agian if I was around at that time I would probable feel alot different.

Spacewar was just very bland.  You could tell the technology was getting betten in the fact that the game seemed more interactive.  There was more action involveld in the game.  Almost seemed like Asteroid

The last fame Tennis for Two was the most appealing.  Even though the game appeard to look like some ancient form of television, and the controls that went into the game were just horriific, the point was simple.  It showed that gaming was becomming more involved and technology was on the move.  Like anything it is nice to see where you come from, as a person, and as a community.  Our country's advances are rapidly changing and as from the start of it all, the possibilties are limitless.

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