Jerz and Adams

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Going through this I realized that I was out of my league when it came to video gaming.  So much has been done and created that its a little intimidating.  For one, just having the creator of 'video games' his imortant because Adams is such a respected figure, secondly interactive fiction is a huge part of gaming today.

I never new much about the history of video games, better yet interactive fiction until this article.  I found out that Scott Adams was the inventor of first commercial computer game, also classic computers on using 16k instead of 1000k was new to me.  Its cool to see how something so bacis and simple can entertain young people today.  Especially with the technology were used to, but Adams did so with his classic game.  Haveing a family friendly game make good with having family time.  Its just another way to connect with your family/friends by trying a something new.


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