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Since the start of this class I have gained a new respect for gaming Its History Alright.  I think that I have done my best in understanding this new outlook.  Dr. Jerz us really looking into what gaming is and what its about.  There a lot of critical thinking, and being a football player, critical thinking is not my strong points, haha just kidding.  Dr. Jerz requires us as a class to expand our thinking outside our usual opinion while at the same time expressing our normal perspective.

Here are the links to all of my posted blogs ( includes reflections, game analysis, RRRR):

I've also interacted with the class through comments on other classmates bloggs.

There will be more comments I have just been having trouble with commenting, I thought there were more.



Overall I feel like I have doing my best to keep up with the class assignments.  This subject is very new to me, but is opening up my eyes to a different light of gaming.  I have seen a new light to video gaming and where its come from and where it's going.  I have given much thought to what I have covered so far in this course, and can only hope to grasp the subject more in the future.



A very good opening paragraph. I agree that you are opening up your mind to new ideas, and I'm pleased with your ability to process all the different ways I've asked you to look at video games.

For your next portfolio, I'd like to see you break your entries up into categories such as depth, timeliness, etc. The "interaction" list on this page is a good start, but as you note, more comments will help you there.

You've made some good steps on the road to a deeper critical understanding of a complex, important element of our digital society, and I'm pleased that your blog is doing a good job reflecting that. Take a look at Ashley's portfolio, and see how she has worked individual insights into brief paragraphs.


Derek blog portfolio is particularly strong in showing how his online work relates to the main objectives of the course. He also refers to some ideas that found on peer blogs, which have helped him advance his critical thinking ability.


So that's another goal you might a look at. I can see lots of good work, plenty of additional promise, and signs of effort that will no doubt be productive.

Derek Tickle said:

Hi Zach! I like how you tell us what the blogs contain. For example, "includes reflections, game analysis, RRRR." This is good so the reader can understand what the blog entries will include. My constructive opinion is that I think it would have been better to separate the entries (catergorize them) and tell us what each included. This could be presented nicely in an essay format. This is just a suggestion, but I do like how you organized yours. Your conclusion sums everything up and tells the reader that your looking forward to finishing the class. Overall Good Job!

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