The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame

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"the pleasures of videogames are frequently enjoyed by those that commonsense might encourage us to consider as non-players - "onlookers" that exert no direct control via the game controls. In this article, I want to suggest that videogame players need not actually touch a joypad, mouse or keyboard and that our definition needs to accommodate these non-controlling roles. The pleasure of videogame play does not simply flow through the lead of a joystick."

After reading through the article trying to understand all that I read, i went back to this particular statement, becaue it was one of the few to make sense to me.  I agree with what Newman is saying, games today don't have to be played to enjoy the gaming experience.  When Newman uses Starfox and a reference to this, I could remember playing that game when i was younger and always getting somewhat impatient with all the stories involved in the game.  At first I didn't mind them but, everytime I played the game and having to wait for the intro to finish to play, it was irritating.  But aside from that i think players develope relationships with these characters on games and do start to view a game through the eyes of that character.  When players develope these kind of relationships through their character, one can feel a sense of relivance within the game.  In Madden, you can simulate a game, this is where you watch two teams play without any controller action by the user, I have done this before with friends.  I am playin, experiencing the game without using the controls, therefore to my proving that games can be played without control, joystick interaction


Derek Tickle said:

Isn't this topic very interesting!? I thought it is true because the people who watch you play video games become very invovled. The experience that they encounter is something that is amazing and can be a real joy. I thought that your example was important because it showed how you can play a game without a control or joystick. A simulation within a game is a very interesting concept because it allows you to experience the game without putting any effort into it.

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