Traditional Game Review-Madden Football '08

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 Madden NFL Football 2008 is the latest version of the classic football game series. The game consists of updated NFL rosters and coaches. The game has most of the same features as past years, but it also has some newer features as well. One of the biggest and most impacting features is the new "weapons" system. This system is basically designed to provide differentiation between specific types of star players. Due to specific icons for each type of player, you can now see the difference between a possession receiver and a big-play receiver, an accurate quarterback and a strong-armed quarterback, a shutdown cornerback and a press-coverage cornerback, and so forth. The changes to the defensive side of the ball aren't as drastic. You can now focus coverage on a specific receiver. Also tacking has some new modifications. A player can tackle high as well as tackling low. Other wise the changes are minor. With the graphics end of the game, there are some added additions like gang tackling, but nothing drastically different.
The only challenges that I see are with the new audible controls of difference and new control buttons. There is nothing that can't easily be overcome by just playing the game for a little while. My overall rating for the game is good. Madden is for the football fan and is aimed to creating a more realistic approach to football on video consoles. No drastic changes have been made besides for a few added details. I do think the none football fan can understand and enjoy the game for what its worth.

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