September 22, 2004

Bond, Scarlet Bond

In the final chapters of the Scarlet Letter, as discussed in class, my attention was focused on Hester's love for her daughter. We had a very strong debate in class about how Hester and Pearl's connection was a strong bond between mother and child. Everyone knows that a mother and her child have a bond that can not be severred, but the connection between this particular bond was stronger than anyone could have guessed. Hester treasured her Pearl, and Pearl loved her mother, they were each other's safety. The one was nothing without the other. Pearl fought for her mother and Hester fought to keep her daughter, the two would have been lost without the other. Hester was a strong person because she raised her child alone, with the entire town waiting for her to screw up. The reason Hester was so strong is because she had no choice, her daughter was her responsibility, and she had to raise her no matter what. She took that responsibility and did what she had to.
Pearl saw that strength from the very beginning. Pearl's little mind could not grasp the concept of why her mother went through what she did, but that is because her mother did not tell her the basis behind it. Hester kept from her daughter the one thing that held their bond together, the reason for their bond's existence. I think that Hester and Pearl would have been even closer if Pearl knew why her mother was dealing with the ridicule, and exactly what the punishment was for. Hester hid from her daughter something that I feel would have given Pearl a better idea of the life she was a part of.
I understand why Hester did not tell Pearl who her father was, because children can not keep things that are said in private, quiet. But she still could have explained to her daughter what the "A" was. Also there was a point brouhgt up in discussion that Pearl was receiving baby clothes in the mail from her mother, this leads me to believe that maybe, because of Hester keeping her secret, that Pearl has gone and done the same thing.
I feel Hester and Pearl's bond was strong and yes it was the only way the two could have survived the life they lived, but I feel it would have been stronger if the truth was laid out for the two to become more understanding of each other and how to keep your strength and be able to survive.

Posted by ZacharyHarvey at September 22, 2004 01:14 AM

What an interesting speculation that Pearl may have repeated her mother's history. As a mom, I still think Hester did the age appropriate thing by withholding the story of the "A"... I also think when the time was appropriate she would have shared this with her. It was clear from the text that she wanted to, I think it was a mature act of love that she chose not to burden her daughter with it yet. There are things that my own mother has shared with me that I wouldn't have handled well at 7 or 8 but understood in my teens. (such as she was pregnant with me when she married my dad!)

Posted by: LInda Fondrk at September 25, 2004 01:21 AM

Thanks for the post, I understand that hiding it from her for the sake of her adolesence. But I still think that it should have been said, it was the major part of her life. I think Hester was afraid that her daughter was going to try and do the same act just to acheive waht her mother had done, to bring themselves another step closer in their relationship. Keep the comments coming because on nights when I'm bored I love to answer them...:-) -Zack-

Posted by: Zack Harvey at September 28, 2004 03:15 AM
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