DAY 4: Travel & Firenze

• Travel
o I don’t know how we haven’t really lost anyone during traveling. Cecilia and Mo made sure we all made each bus in Roma and all boarded the train and had our seats.
• Hotel Byron
o Was a very nice hotel located closely to everything in Firenze. We were set up in rooms of four and I met my next set of lovely roommates. Lets just say Kandy isn’t the roommate type of person, let alone, have many friend that are girls. I will just say this was an EXPERIENCE :)>

• Pino’s
o Pino’s Sandwiches was were we are lunch the 1st day in Firenze. We as a group decided to not only go back for dinner, but to eat there daily. Pino was wonderful what can I say.

IMG_0677 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0680

• Duomo Cathedral in Florence is a magnificent renaissance dome designed by Brunelleschi. This Cathedral was named in honor of Santa Maria del Fiore.

IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494IMG_0530 IMG_0531

• Gates of paradise on the Bapthistery are the East Doors they face the Duomo and depict scenes from the Old Testament.

IMG_0490 IMG_0491

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