Day 6: Firenze

First we had an early morning appointment to see the statue of David in the Academia. On the way there we lost about half the group due to the marathon going on in Florence that day, “Run like a Deejay.” Eventually they caught up and we saw Michelangelo’s work. When you first walk in you see all of his work in progress making a walkway and then right at the end of that walkway was the statue of David. The work in progress was cool because you saw how he sort of dug to find a person, or art, in each block of marble. The statue of David was one of the coolest pieces of art I’ve seen this whole trip. The detail, specifically on his hand, was something you couldn’t see from a picture or online. So it was really nice to see it in person.

Then we went inside the Gates of Paradise, also known as the Florence Baptistery. Everything was so gold inside and the ceiling was super elaborate.


Then we saw the Ponte Vecchio, also known as the Old Bridge. It was lined with shops and had the statue of Benvenuto Cellini which was surround by a fence with locks of it. The idea behind the locks was of love and lovers: by locking the lock around the fence and throwing the key into the river, the lovers became eternally bonded.


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