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I was able to talk with Edith Cook on Friday about how to conduct research for my article. It turns out a survey might be difficult with limited amount of time. In order to do a campus wide survey, I would need to get a form of approval. She was very helpful with alternative ideas.

Rather than conduct a survey I will utilize what she called “man on the street interviews,” where I will ask as many students as I can three questions that I have compiled: “What territory does ISIS control?, What do the initials ‘ISIS’ stand for? and Who is the leader of ISIS?” Using these three questions I will compile statistics that show which ones were answered correctly and by how many students. Edith mentioned I could also try to reserve a table outside of Lowe and ask my questions there.

She also suggested that I throw in some control questions to compare my statistics to, an example she used was “what color are Starbucks cups.” I wouldn’t use this one, but it would be interesting to see how many students could answer this question and not questions on ISIS or vice versa.

Aside from the survey, I have an interview with Dr. Fran Leap Monday afternoon. We will be discussing her thoughts on student knowledge of ISIS. I was able to get a hold of Dr. Abdul Mawjoud Dardery, an exiled Egyptian escaping threats made to him by the military regime in that country (not ISIS). I have asked him questions about his knowledge of ISIS as well as his thoughts on media’s coverage of the issue and student education. I emailed him a list of questions, and I am still waiting on his reply. I also have an interview with Dr. Timothy Gabrielli. He has a pretty busy schedule so I agreed to email him questions as well, and I am just waiting on his reply.

I will start writing my article after I start to hear back from the interviews with my sources. I plan on conducting the “survey” on either Monday or Tuesday.

Source: Article Progress 2


  1. Your article is going to be a lot more interesting and newsworthy since ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris on Friday. Definitely incorporate this into your story. I like your idea of surveying students, and I wonder if what happened in Paris will impact their knowledge at all.

    • I was actually a little spooked when Paris was attacked and we found out that ISIS had been responsible. I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue with my story. I definitely agree that it should be mentioned in my article, which it is in my rough draft. I also thought the same thing about how it would impact their answers. Going into the poll I wouldn’t have guessed that a lot of students knew the answers. However, to my surprise, a lot of students knew what they were talking about. It makes me wonder if this is because of the information out there right now due to the recent attacks.

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