The voice of reason...or is it arrogance?

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Near the beginning of "The Wife" the narrator states, "I was convinced that there was absolutely nobody in the district except me to help the starving.  The people surrounding me were uneducated, unintellectual, callous, for the most part dishonest, or if they were honest, they were unreasonable and unpractical like my wife, for instance.  It was impossible to rely on such people, it was impossible to leave the peasants to their fate, so that the only thing left to do was to submit to necessity and see to setting the peasants to rights myself."

This paragraph sounds so well thought out, his line of thinking seems to be reasonable.  He states the facts as he sees them.  But in this voice of reason is overwhelming arrogance.  And somehow, arrogance seems to be able to negate reason in most circumstances.

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