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May 23, 2013

Rome day 1

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The highlight of Day 1

The highlight of Day 1

Street shot

He loved his IPad

He loved his IPad

Another shot of the ancient arena

Another shot of the ancient arena

After a long and somewhat exhausting flight, we finally arrived in Rome. Eveyone was tired so we spent a few minutes freshening up at the hotel before our appointment at the colesseum! My mother told me to expect cats roaming the area, however I wasnt able to find any. The building was huge-I was especially taken aback by how many pockets of rock were missing. Later I was informed that people would just steal rocks from the building as needed. Luckily for us this practice has subsided with added security.
After that we saw a series of churches. My favorite by far was the baroque church of St. Ignatius and the early christian chruch with a highly decorated mosaic apse. St. Ignatius was so breathtaking it made me feel like a princess just to walk around. No surface was left undecorated-everything was gilt and shining. A very nice man pointed out to me small gold circles in the tiled floor which indicate where to stand for the best point of perspective. This allowed me to best view the ceilings and walls and has been a trick ive used in every church since. The early christian church was breathtaking mostly because of its mosaics; completely gold and sparking in the light. It was overwhelimg to think of the accomplishment early artists made with no help from modern day convieniences.

The food was of course, spectuacular. My first gelato was in Piaza Navona, which I loved. I had lemon and mango, both were delicious though I prefered the lemon for its tartness. For dinner we ate a wonderful meal at a restaurant in a part of town that used to be the Jewish ghetto. I had caprese salad and pork chops with artichokes, the best meal im Italy so far! We also sat in on a mass in the area, which was really moving.

The vatican museam was an experience unto itself. I could write for days about it, room after room of exquisite art from around the world. We spent the most time in thr Sistine Chapel, appropriately. I loved seeing art from not only Michael Angelo, but also Bontichelli and other artists decorated just under the famous ceiling. I think that of all, Bomtichelli’s was my favorite and I cant wait to see more of his and Phillipo Lippi in the Ufizi in florence. I loved learning about why and how Michael Angelo painted the chapel, specifically that he painted the buisnessman as the devil in the Last Judgement painting. I thought that was pretty amusing. The phophets on the sides of the ceiling were also spectacular, especially the phrophetess dressed in yellow and turned at an angle. Michael Angelos work is so true to the human atanomy and she really displays his skill for this.

The trevi fountain was a magnificent display of itslian sculpture. Pictures and movies do not do justice to its enormity in person. I couldnt get over just how huge the fountain was! It was very crowded, id like to return in the early morning some other time. However it was wonderful for people watching. I also learned that people live in the building that the fountain is connected to. Apparently the appartments there are crazy expensive, and i heard that Mel Gibson lived there once.

Looking forward to tommorow! Cheers

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