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May 27, 2013

Florence Day 2

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You werent allowed to take photos of the actual David, so this will have to suffice!

You werent allowed to take photos of the actual David, so this will have to suffice!

Sunny San Maria Del Fiore Ticket to the Uffizi View from Ponte Vecchio

Today was rainy again – but we saw the most inspiring works of art to make up for it! On our trip to the Ufizi, my choice to major in art history was solidified through viewing the pricesless works of art featured in the museam.

We began our trip through the historic museam in the room of the three virgins where you saw the progression of artistic ability in three pannels of Mary and baby Jesus. I loved the shading on the Ognissanti Madonna‘s faces by Giotto, they really gave the painting depth and believability, in contrast to Cinabue’s early virgin and child.
Next came the inspiring Fillipo Lippi works. His portrait of Mary and baby Jesus was so beautiful and modern in its depiction beauty, since many of the other paintings portray features like a large forehead or oblong face as beautiful, Lippi painted a Mary that actually looks gorgeous and a wondnerfully mischievious-looking putti  in the corner. I couldn’t get over the veil on Mary, it looked so believable and translucent.
My favorite of all though was Lippi’s comtemporary Bonticelli’s Birth of Venus. The hair rippled and flowed like real hair would and Maureen explained how the Venus symbolized the Renaissance, she is about to be clothed just as the people were about to be clothed in knowledge.

After the Ufizi we saw the works by Fra Angellica. I loved the annunciation angels wings-the books dont show how the wings glitter in the light. The sense of dimension and use of scientific perspective are excellent-it looks like a room within a square. Additionally, his other works were surprisingly modern, reminiscent of the Surrealist movement.

After this we had yet another delicious meal at Pino’s. He and his wife are such talented chef’s, I had pasta and steamed vegetables.

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