Merchant of Venice, Act 3

In Merchant of Venice, Act 3 I noticed this passage: I chose this passage because I thought it conveyed a strong point in my overall perspective.  I seen this as Salarino telling Shylock that his daughter isn’t any different from anyone else, just because she’s his flesh and blood. I definitely liked the connection Salarino made once Shylock had made that statement.


She is damned for it.


That’s certain, if the devil may be her judge.


My own flesh and blood to rebel!


Out upon it, old carrion! rebels it at these years?


I say, my daughter is my flesh and blood.


There is more difference between thy flesh and hers
than between jet and ivory; more between your bloods
than there is between red wine and rhenish. But
tell us, do you hear whether Antonio have had any
loss at sea or no?

Following up with this I noticed that Shylock was being discriminated against by Antonio because he was Jew and the statements he made were definitely accurate. We all bleed the same color, eat the same food, live on the same earth, get hurt by the same weapons, but you allow a title to make a judgment on the type of person I am. I feel as though this is where many people go wrong, which is by making judgements based on titles, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Then it made me curious to figure out why Antonio wanted to talked with them.

Source: Merchant of Venice, Act 3

Posted by danisharogers   @   24 February 2017

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Feb 26, 2017
11:06 pm
#1 andreameyers :

I like the points made here, I felt the same for the conversation between Salanio and Shylock, I like how it played out.

Mar 8, 2017
12:41 pm
#2 danisharogers :

Yeah, I always find it quite strange how someone can be just bluntly judge another person because of who they are without getting to know them. I feel as though everything doesn’t need to have a title on it and when people are seen as themselves and not as these “titles” then conversations and encounters run perfectly.

Feb 28, 2017
7:35 pm
#3 Julia Natalia :

I like the connection you made here. It definitely shows that even though this was written in a different time, it can still be applied to life today and how people treat each other.

Mar 8, 2017
12:38 pm
#4 danisharogers :

That’s one thing that I do like about some of the texts we’re reading. The fact that we’re still able to make those connections from back then to current times is interesting to me because it’s like we’re still doing the same stuff as them. The only thing is our times are more modernized versus their “ancient” times.

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