Merchant of Venice, Act 4

In Merchant of Venice, Act 4 I noticed this passage: UH-OH! Well I’m starting to believe that my love theory in the beginning might not be happening after all. Finding out Portia was a doctor completely threw out my idea of her and Antonio falling in love. I’m not saying it’s impossible and can’t happen, but I just no longer believe it will happen. I think it’s quite strange that Antonio has to be cut, but I guess that’s what they used to do back in those days, lol. It’s interesting that they’re saying they want to have a surgeon to heal his wounds, but what if when he’s cut, they accidentally hit a certain vein and he dies instantly? I was also considering if the cutting of the flesh was related to the part I was reading in ACT 3 where Antonio wanted to talk with Bassanio and Shylock. From the looks of things Portia is a very devoted person and can come off as a bit harsh, but Bassanio seems like he’s the bigger person between he and Antonio, although that’s just my opinion. The fact that they tried to save him from being cut was a nice gesture, but unfortunate for Antonio because it didn’t save him.

Source: Merchant of Venice, Act 4

Posted by danisharogers   @   24 February 2017

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Feb 28, 2017
7:44 pm
#1 Julia Natalia :

The cutting of the flesh topic seems to have been brought up a lot through the play. I found it quite creepy.

Mar 8, 2017
12:36 pm
#2 danisharogers :

After discussing it in class, I had the thought that maybe it wasn’t to be taken as literal as I thought about it, but in the context of plays you never know what the playwright could be getting at.

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