Nguyen, She Kills Monsters

In Nguyen, She Kills Monsters I noticed this passage:  When reading this play the thing I liked the most was being introduced to a different world, such as Agnes was. I’m unfamiliar with RPG games and I didn’t really know what that was until I had seen people playing it and then I got a better understanding when a few friends told me about it. I also like how he emulates the feeling of regret throughout the play because Agnes didn’t really know much about Tilly at all and in a sense it was kind of sad because she had to get to known her sister through a game. I feel like siblings are taken for granted sometimes because they can be very annoying, but it’s also like they saying “You don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone”. Agnes was kind of like a self-centered person, where as Tilly was more of a free will and adventurous type of girl. Although they had extremely different interest they were still sisters and sisters should at least know important facts about one another. In this case Tilly was expressing who she was through a game because she felt as though no one would understand her and she didn’t fit in with the others, such as Agnes who was into the trending things. Overall I feel as though if Agnes would have took the time out to pay attention to her sister and get to know more about her interests then they would have had a better bond/connection. At the sometime I do feel as though it was a different form of introduction to her getting to know about her sister and she also learned something new. The only thing that sucks about her learning RPG is that she can’t enjoy it with Tilly. It was also nice how Till still thought about Agnes as she was creating her game, but you do notice the regret that Agnes feels once she reaches the end.

Source: Nguyen, She Kills Monsters

Posted by danisharogers   @   30 April 2017

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