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Making it through the semester without being the complaining blogger I usually am.

I feel as though this has been the hardest but yet most successful time I’ve had blogging. I would more so say this because I’ve actually been blogging because I had to for another class, but also I’ve been enjoying some of the plays we’ve read in class. There were times throughout the semester I had fallen behind on almost 2-3 blog entries at a time, but I always managed to get back on track. I’m just glad I was able to make it through this semester without constantly complaining about how much I hate blogging.

Depth: As usual I don’t really go into much depth about any of my posts unless I’m deeply engaged or fond of the reading. Well I beg to differ because there are times when I have enjoyed a reading, but I didn’t have much to say about it blogging wise. Over the last few readings we have done I can actually say that I’ve enjoyed reading them and out of those I would say that Our Town by Thornton Wilder and Resurrection Blues by Arthur Miller were two of my favorite. I enjoyed having discussions about Resurrection Blue because they were real life connections to make with the play; as well as biblical references to go off of.

Riskiness: When it comes to riskiness I would say I have definitely been living under a rock for some of these blogs. Out of all the plays we had to read I have missed 2 because my books didn’t come, which was bad because I wasn’t able to participate in certain discussions and assignments. The two plays that I did miss were Shakara: The Dance Hall Queen and Good Morning Desdemona, Goodnight Juliet. There were plays that I read in this class that I didn’t really care for at all. As well there was the post for finding the articles for my final paper and for the plays we had read, which threw me for a loop each time because I had to be quick on my feet with finding back ups.  I kind of feel as though I handled being pressured well because I had a nonchalant attitude, but I some how managed to pull of finding those sources.

Intertextuality: Out of all these plays, there was only one play where I was able to make a connection with another reading and that’s because it was philosophy. With Oedipus Rex I was able to make a lot of connections and express my opinions about these things. When it came to the literary paper we had to do base don the plays, I was able to form a paper based on the connections I made between Oedipus Rex and Medea, which are two plays that involve Gods and what not.

Discussion: I’m not sure why, but this semester my time management absolutely sucks and I haven’t even focused on responding to my peers blog posts, so I haven’t had any real discussions involving these past few readings. I have just been focusing on getting the readings done and making sure that I have a response, so that I’m able to engage in discussions with the class. What I can say is that I admire my peers that have left comments on my blog, some I was able to get back too and some I wasnt, because it shows they definitely have similarities with my own thoughts. Being able to make these comparisons with my peers is something that I enjoy, because we get to see different views/interpretations of scenes throughout the plays. Even though I try to avoid discussions as much as possible I do like that fact that we’re able to agree and disagree on things in a respectful manner, but yet come to an agreement about something we all may have had a disagreement about.

Trying to manage my time is like the rabbit rushing through wonderland and me being confused like Alice.

Timeliness: When it comes to getting assignments done on time I’ve been pretty good with that besides missing the one time for the most recent academic article. When it comes to the plays I have been pretty good with getting my responses in and having the play read by class time. There was the time where I missed class during the discussion time for Our Town, but I still got the reading and response done ahead of time.

Conclusion: Starting from freshman year where I completed hated blogging up until now with my junior year, where I have been using this blog ever since, I feel as though I have improved a lot. Now I wouldn’t say that I necessarily improved on my responses to the blogging, well I did for some, but my most positive improvement was my lack of complaints. I’m definitely someone who hates blogging and I tend to forget about blogging a lot unless I write it down. One thing I can say is, I would take doing a blog post over writing an actual response/report about anything any day. Just having that ability to see freely express your opinions and acknowledge your progress over a span of time is just interesting to me.

Posted by danisharogers   @   3 May 2017

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