Intro to Weblogs at Seton Hill University

I’ve been blogging since my freshmen year here. I can honestly say that when I first had to blog I hated it because it was just extra stress and it seemed very pointless to me, but over time I actually grew to like it more. Blogging is like having a daily journal, but you’re sharing it with others, which I always enjoy because I like comparing my experiences with others. Blogging was the main focus for my literary study class, which I did enjoy because at the time we were reading so many different books and everyone had a different view about the books. Having the blogs was just the outlet to express our feelings about the chapters we had read and the book overall. As well blogging was another form of debating for us as readers because we would bring those blogging opinions into the classroom. The main reason why I grew so fond of blogging was because I was able to avoid being social with others in a physical setting and it’s also another way of getting to know someone you may not know, based on their writing style. Being as though everyone has different ideas and writing styles, using the blogs brings out those styles, which I find interesting because it helps you as an individual to improve your writing. Even though I dislike blogging, there is part of me that enjoys blogging, but I know that I won’t ever keep up with blogging because I won’t remember to keep up with this, since I’m not much of a social media person overall.

As I always say, I would choose blogging over writing a paper or having a group discussion any day.

Source: Intro to Weblogs at Seton Hill University

Posted by danisharogers   @   23 January 2018

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Jan 24, 2018
11:17 am
#1 laramiecowan :

I feel like it’s always going to be a love-hate relationship with blogging. Even though I love blogging, it can be difficult to get into if there’s an assignment I don’t connect with right away. What’s important is that we try our best to engage with the text (or whatever we are blogging about) and improve our writing the best we can.

Jan 24, 2018
1:19 pm

Laramie, its very true that for some tasks, even important ones, the best thing we can say is that we did them.

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A: Doctor.

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