Plato, “Phaedrus”

In this reading  I took away two points, which were the art of speaking and persuading your audience.  From the dialogue Socrates was saying language is the art of speaking and I also believe he mentioned a powerful speech can persuade the audiences toward the message portrayed through the speech.

With language being the art of speaking I connected this all with communication because communication is the key to building your success in life and it’s the key in speeches. With communication you either find ways to connect or disconnect with the audiences/readers based on the directed message of the speech. Not everyone starts off with a great speech, so there is always that extra person when it may come to practicing that speech to make tweaks or correct you during slip ups.

With speech being persuasive the audience has to be able to understand the points the speaker is making and agree with those points. The speech has to be convincing enough that it actually makes them change their views or do certain things. I gained this from the part where Socrates mentioned the horse and saying how it can help you in war. By him initiating the fact that he would start off the speech with the qualities of the horse, it was like Plato would have been more interested in going to get a horse even though they’ve never had one before.

Soc. Let us put the matter thus:-Suppose that I persuaded you to buy a horse and go to the wars. Neither of us knew what a horse was like, but I knew that you believed a horse to be of tame animals the one which has the longest ears.

Phaedr. That would be ridiculous.

Soc. There is something more ridiculous coming:-Suppose, further, that in sober earnest I, having persuaded you of this, went and composed a speech in honour of an ass, whom I entitled a horse beginning: “A noble animal and a most useful possession, especially in war, and you may get on his back and fight, and he will carry baggage or anything.”

Phaedr. How ridiculous!

Connecting this to myself, I would say that I need to be more engaging with my audience and build on my art of speaking. With confidence I feel as though I can be a great speaker and more people would be engaged in what I’m saying and could connect better. I would say that I’m pretty good with persuading, but in a speech that would be something I could improve by having a stronger confidence when sharing those different ideas to get a bigger agreement from the audience.

Source: Plato, “Phaedrus”

Posted by danisharogers   @   29 January 2018

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