Plato, “Apology”

When we were told in class that this speech would be one hour long, I was debating on if I would listen the whole way through, but I actually finished it. When I first played the speech and was listening to the tone of voice of the speaker I thought I would easily get bored and pay no mind to it, as the speech went on my interest grew.

Listening to the speech I admired the fact that every word was spoken clearly and that there was a switch in tones based on what was being said. Also, being as though I’m more of a visual person, I was able to visualize a court setting, including the speaker pacing the court as he talked. Usually with speeches I’m not engaged enough to clearly connect with what’s being said, but being able to map out a whole visual as if it were a show, just proved to me that this was a good speech.

As well, by listening to this speech I learned that I need to be more confident in what I’m saying and be proud of my work because writing in different forms is something I’ve accomplished as a writer and being able to create more imagery within my writing will draw the audience in more. When he began to question Meletus and when he was playing the voice of Meletus, his tone changed, which also bought more interest into what he was saying.

I would say that speech is something that is important to one’s life because there always comes a time where you have to speak publicly, whether it be academically or work related. Having the chance to listen to others speak can help you/me as an individual to improve ourselves. It’s always being said that you can learn from others excuse their strengths may be your weaknesses and vice versa, so hearing this speech definitely got me a little prepared for the upcoming speech we have to prepare.

Source: Plato, “Apology”

Posted by danisharogers   @   31 January 2018

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