Can You Read or Write Cursive?

Fortunately, I made it through the entire page with only three mistakes because I couldn’t make out what the word was, but that happens when people are starting off cursive. As you use it more, you’ll learn to understand how to read it based on everyone’s different style of writing.

When i first learned to write in cursive, it was extremely difficult but once I got the hang of it I used it every chance I got. In some of my assignments that I would hand in there would be notes from the teachers saying choose one form of writing. This was because I somehow always ended up going from print to cursive, which I still continue to do now. At the same time I enjoy writing in cursive because I love how it looks and it sometimes reminds me of calligraphy, which is a form of writing I would love to learn. I would say my fascination of calligraphy came from Disney movies and the books because the font just looked so cool.

One thing that I did learn from my former peers is that some of them would choose to write in cursive because they disliked their penmanship with print writing and vice versa. Some people would question me about how I write my cursive letters because I don’t use the original format. I add my own twist to some of the letters because it’s simpler for me when I’m writing and puts less stress on my mind when having to remember the exact flows of the letter.

Source: Can You Read or Write Cursive?

Posted by danisharogers   @   5 February 2018

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