DiRenzo, “His Master’s Voice”

It’s interesting to see that in those times you still needed to depend on someone to make your work better. In modern society you don’t really need someone, but it’s always nice to have that second opinion and extra helping hand. I think it was pretty interesting to know that they had different forms of writing and for different times. All we have is print and cursive and I guess foreign language, if you want to count that. Maybe we could say that we too have three types of hand writing, but it still seems questionable.

The way they learned to write is something that’s amazing. It challenges my thinking because they started off with symbols and then evolved to words, thus making them into full sentences. Writing and language is just some intriguing because of the process it endured over time. It’s sort of like a baby learning to write and talk, because they start off with their own form of language, then they grow and learn to develop the basic talking and writing.

It’s amazing how one persons creative thought transpired into something that was usual to everyone. If you think about it, what would they have done if Tiro didn’t become so crafty as he was? How would they have formulated their own writing? Who would have assisted Cicero?

I’m not someone that’s big on history, but just learning about how certain things evolved is just intriguing. It would be difficult to imagine a world where no one could write and we didn’t have an actually form of communication.  Like back in the old days, the way they communicated was quite odd, but do we know if that’s true? I mean suppose we still had to communicate through images? Would we even understand one another? I just see this as a time of being grateful for the opportunity to be introduced to different forms of writing and being able to learn how we got to the place we are now. Like if letters and writing wouldn’t have evolved, how would we have flourished as a country the way are now?

Source: DiRenzo, “His Master’s Voice”

Posted by danisharogers   @   6 February 2018

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