Twenty-Six Old Characters

Reading the cursive text was pretty simple for me because I tend to write in cursive a lot. Ever since I’ve learned how to do it, I just enjoyed writing it, so it’s my go to whenever I want to write quickly. I did have a slip up trying to understand about 3-4 words on the paper, but I replaced them with other words that I figured would match up.

Handwriting plays a major role in my life because that’s something that I care about very much, especially when it comes to taking notes. I’m a really organized person, so I like things a certain way and if I can’t understand what something says I tend to get frustrated at times. This goes for my writing, as well as someone else’s because I will read over it multiple times and if I can’t make out the word it angers me.  For some reason I always pay attention to writing, even though it’s not a major deal in the real world. The way people write is something that really bothers me, especially if it’s completely different from how I write when using print, but I always learn to understand that persons writing style.

After watching this video, I would say the formation of letters is something that’s important to me. I thought it was quite strange how the letters started out, but then I remembered the greek format, which we went by in high school for class periods. The whole evolution of letters to actual word format is something that I wouldn’t mind talking about.  I noticed that some of my cursive was similar to the writings in the video, whenever I am rushing to write, but overall I think this would be a fun blast to the past topic.

Source: Twenty-Six Old Characters

Posted by danisharogers   @   6 February 2018

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