Calvino, through Ch 6


These three chapters seemed the most chaotic so far, mainly because the killing in chapter 5, which was completely absurd, lol. As I’m reading I’m starting to catch on to the extra excerpts following the chapters. Calvino is allowing us to get a taste of two books in one, or multiple books in one. I actually like the fact that he is introducing us to new settings following the original one because each extra story holds its own interest. Although it does get kind of hard when I’m reading thorough and get attached to one extra story and then a complete new one surfaces. I can honestly say that I have been engaged in this book through every chapter and I’m thinking it’s because of all the excitement it holds, especially with the extra excerpts telling their own stories as well.

Reading through chapters 4 and 5 I found myself making connections with gender issues. In the mini story of chapter 4 on the top of page 87 there is a little part about women and guns, “Women can’t, but you men can?”. Irina was holding a gun in the same form as a guy would and Alex implies that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and she isn’t qualified to be handing a gun like that. Women are always being compared to men and always being told that they can’t do what a man can do, which is degrading. The highlight of that aspect is that when women prove men wrong they’re stuck looking crazy and shocked, because  they have a slight fear that this woman is capable of doing everything he can do.

The mini story in chapter five is the one with Bernadette, Reudi and JoJo, which also holds gender aspect that I found. Redui was mentioned that he, “would have to explain to her the whole background of Jojo and that other woman,”(112) while Jojo is courting Bernadette he also had a woman on the side. Being a mafia mob boss JoJo was a popular and well known guy, so of course it’s obvious he would be able to get any woman he wants. In this sense I felt as though he was abusing that fact and using both women, but in the end Bernadette eventually got him back, but was still kind of being used by Reudi. Although Reudi was interested in her, she thought he had killed JoJo for their relationship, but what she didn’t know was that it didn’t involve her. I was thinking if she were to find out then she would be crushed and would probably end up killing Reudi and just going on the lamb.

The mini story in chapter six was a bit odd to me because of the telephone situation and it was funny as well  because how could the professor practically skip teaching to go for a run. I was a bit perplexed to the fact that he was able to find Marjorie so fast and why she called him a bastard when he was there to save her life. I know they had a bad first impression but she could have at least thanked him because I know she was there for the two days that she hadn’t be in school. Anyways it was an odd, but interesting story.




Source: Calvino, through Ch 6

Posted by danisharogers   @   27 February 2018

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Mar 5, 2018
7:40 pm
#1 paigeparise :

I also discussed how gender issues have played a role in this novel so far. I noticed that the men in the stories seem to degrade the women like you mentioned, but at the same time, they also comment that the women are smarter in many ways. I wonder if Calvino is trying to portray the stereotype of how men think about women.

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