Simonds: Front Matter

Reading through this first part, I was making connections with my Publication Workshop (PW)class when Gutenberg mentioned the poetry, “I called them flash fictions”(9). In my PW we did an exercise where we added on to one another poem lines and short story lines, which was interesting because we had the option of making those short story lines into poems and vice versa. Doing this assignment had shone light on the short stories being poetry, because it’s so easy to flip a poem into a short story. With doing that you can bring the poem to life and bring the short story to life by including strong imagery and choosing good descriptive words. This makes me want to focus more on my poetry, so that I can someday be able to put my poems into a book and it can be bought by many people around the world. Maybe I could be that well know children’s poetic author or something more.

One quote that really stood out to me was on page 12, “Words make an impression,” because this is true and it’s relative to so many things. When it comes to writing, word choices are what defines your writing personality and you as a writer to other people. This is something that I tend to notice a lot and I’ve learned during my time of being in college, especially when it comes to creating titles. Titles are what grabs the reader’s attention and bring a sense of interest into diving into your writing and ever since I’ve learned more about that, I have always tried to come up with extraordinary titles.  I see sharing writing as meeting someone for the first time because your first time sharing your writing is also the first impression that you leave on the readers. If your writing is really bad to them, then that could be something they remember and opt out of any writing you may share, but if it’s great then who knows what wonders are in store for your future.

Just like communication, writing is key.

Source: Simonds: Front Matter

Posted by danisharogers   @   12 March 2018

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Mar 12, 2018
3:11 pm
#1 laramiecowan :

Isn’t it wonderful when you can make a connection to something in your past just by reading? I think that it’s amazing you feel moved to write more poetry. It’s important to have that drive to become published! It is going to take a lot of writing to fill a book but I’m sure you can do it. Simonds gives some great advice through her own trial and error so stick with it.

Mar 12, 2018
3:11 pm
#2 paigeparise :

I also thought about Publication Workshop when I was reading this section. There are so many possibilities for publishing in so many unique ways, like the way Hugh published Simonds’ writing. I think it’s always important to consider how can we can make our words unique, especially in this digital age where so many things are the same.

Mar 12, 2018
3:14 pm
#3 stevedumnich :

As Laramie said it is really cool when you can make a connection to something you are reading in a book. It makes the story and all of its characteristics much more enjoyable. Also, the quote you chose is a great one from the book. I agree with you that titles are what grabs the readers into a story.

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