Participation Portfolio 2

From blogging to reading and reading to projects, my brain has been on an academic overload. While I am enjoying the fact that I’ve started reading and blogging Ā again, I feel as though sometimes it wears me out mentally. There’s so much hidden information in these books and I’m kind of afraid to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing my reactions for this next book. Although, one of my biggest fears is that I know I will fall behind again, but I know that with faith, trust and pixie dust, I will excel with my reading and reach the goal that I’m looking forward too. GRADUATION.

Depth: As I mentioned in my previous portfolio the depth of my post is something that I could improve on and I feel as though I have been able to achieve that goal with a few of my post. With reading all of these different genre books, I feel as though I have been able to find interesting connections with them. It’s shocking because I usually don’t have anything to talk about when it comes to reading, but lately I’ve been doing great; in my opinion. As I continue reading these books, I’m finding out more about myself and I’m actually learning about things I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be interested in. That’s one of the things I enjoy about journalism because you can take your writing career ANYWHERE.

Riskiness: In this section I only want to focus on the upcoming project that we’ll have due on Wednesday, March 28th 2018 because this is definitely way out of my comfort zone. Ā Based on what we’re learning in class we have to come up with a topic related to those things we’re learning and create a 400 word typescript. My issue isn’t with the 400 words because I’m journalism major, so of course I got that in the bag. The big twist with this is that this assignment would be in typewriter form and while I have always dreamed of using a type writer, I never thought the day would come where I had to do an assignment with one. While this may not be a real typewriter, my professor found an online simulator that portrays all the qualities of a real typewriter and to prepare us for this project we did a test run.

This type writer test run was the second most difficult thing I faced throughout my major more so because of the struggle with grammatical errors. Who would have thought that using a typewriter would require so much focus and patience, like don’t get me wrong it’s fun and everything, but it’s a tough thing to handle. I can’t imagine what people had to go through back then with their papers all ruined and constantly restarting to type their work. Although, what I can say is that I am grateful that I’ve been given the chance to experience that and I was born in a new era of technology, lol.

Discussion: IĀ don’t usually get muchĀ discussion on my post, but when I do it’s quiteĀ interestingĀ because I get to see the similaritiesĀ and differences that I have with my peers. Ā I enjoy learning about the different messages and morals that we take from these takesĀ because it shows how different of readers we each are. I feel as though each of us focuses on Ā different aspects based on ourĀ personalities. Whenever I’m readingĀ andĀ commenting I look for the most fun and creativeĀ things or theĀ things that pop out at me because I connect with them the post. WithĀ everything that we’re doing, I like how supportive and positive we areĀ with anotherĀ because I feel asĀ though that motivates us to perform better withĀ each project we get. IĀ like that we’re a smaller classĀ because we’re more open to sharing ideas and comments about oneĀ another’s work, thus assisting with ourĀ strengths and weaknesses.Ā 

Intertextuality:Ā I would say that I found myself commenting on Paige’s post a lot because she was pretty darn great with her time management. She would always be the first person to post, so of course I would comment on her blog, since I would sometimes be next in line. Ā After a few comments, I decided that it would be best to share my ideas and connections with my other peers, so I would comment on Kemaura’s blog because she did make a lot of interesting connections and posts with the readings as well. Ā Reading my peers blogs, I enjoyed seeing and being able to connect with our similar, yet different, experiences throughout our journey reading these texts. I feel as though we’re all learning a lot and in ways we’re all connecting these three books perfectly, which shows how much we’ve learned from these literary journeys.

Timeliness: I would say this was my most improved section for about a week, when we were reading the Calvino book, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler. Right of the bat I found my self extremely interested in this text and I was always ready to indulge in the next journey of the narrator and his crush Ludmilla. When posting about these chapters, I feel as though I was the most focused, more because of my interest in the book, but I was able to get the post done in a timely fashion because I was more prepared.

Now when it came to reading Simmonds, Gutenberg’s Fingerprint, I started falling behind again because I would be interested in the chapter, but I was also interested in another book at the time. I was trying to balance my interest for two different books, but still keep up with my posting. At times I may have been a day or two late with the posting, but the fact that I managed to get it all done was great. Towards the ending of the book was where I had my best time management because I was more focused in finishing it and there were a lot of connections to the other two texts we had read beforehand.

Coverage: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being as though our reading is placed on a blog it allows me to have more time to catch up and be involved. I may not always have a lot to say in a discussion, but I can count on myself to get the reading done eventually. Ā When reading the Umberto Eco book, I found that I was more focused whenever I would dedicate time to reading, which is how I survived the Calvino text. Ā I do look at the course blog page and get disappointed at times because of how long it’s taking me to read and the fact that I’m reading so many other books at once. Ā The benefit to all of this is that I’m learning something different in each book I read and there will always be an interesting section of the book that I won’t forget.

Conclusion: This course has allowed me to engage with texts I wouldn’t have engaged with before and it allowed me to view them in a different perspective. While the Eco book was more of a historical fact based journey, the Calvino text was a roller coaster read and the Simmonds novel was sight for DIY’s. With reading all of these books I’ve learned how powerful words can be and how sacred a book can be to most individuals. Reading can sometimes be the key to one’s mind, but it can also be a key to a Pandora box, which we may not always enjoy. I can honestly say that my perspective on books has changed a lot more and that I should more open to testing out different reading genres because I’ll never know what’s in store until I explore.

Source: Participation Portfolio 2

Posted by danisharogers   @   23 March 2018

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