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With reading there is a bunch of different aspects for learning and interaction with others, as far as engaging in different realms and incorporating media into the reading journey. While, “reading can be very social”(Hunter et al. 31) it allows us to build connections with others and share a variety of thoughts gained from the different written texts. Every text is formally displayed in it’s own genre and format in which the author shares with the audience because, “you can’t have that same experience outside of the world they’ve built”(Hunter et al. 31). Author’s develop their stories to allow readers to obtain a discussion based argument and/or beneficial learning experience, which is also something being gained in this course, Future of the book.

From “reading a range of texts”(Jerz 2) we’re able to connect more with our peers and develop multiple viewpoints from readings that allow us to “strengthen critical thinking and writing skills”(Jerz 2). While there is currently a mix of this reading interaction through media it’s a major benefit for those, “who are perfectly fluent in social media and social aspects of reading and communication”(Hunter et al. 32) because they can engage with the text on a deeper level than someone lacking those aspects. Having that upper hand of critically engaging with more than one form or genre of text allows readers to develop multiple interactive aspects for engagement.

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Source: Article TBA

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