Stephenson (through ~p104)

Stephenson introduces readers to a scientific-fi realm where they can understand how technology has completely taken over society. It’s interesting because as we’re developing as a society, technology is vastly akin over and many children are growing up with technology in their hands. It takes away from the normal learn experience and engagement of children going outside and having fun, actually being a kid rather than burying themselves in devices.

Reading through the text Stephenson then introduces us to Bud who is a macho character, but when you think about it, Bud would be like the big shot of the town/neighborhood. While Stephenson gives him the role of being a “big shot” character he is a jerk and feels as though he can use what he has to his advantage thinking that he won’t be punished for it, to which he eventually dies. Although, comparing Bud’s character to current society he would be like the most feared person in someones neighborhood or the most known because of his “wealth”, but eventually his cockiness gets the best of him.

Stephenson also introduces us to a new medium of reading when he shares the encounter of Nell with the book.”Very good! You are a clever girl, Nell and good with letters,”the book said (96). In this story reading is a new form of technology and the book reads to the person rather than the person reading the book. In this case the book is like an educator for Nell because unless she is learning from Harv, she learns everything from the book. Being as though our society is being swarmed with little children indulging themselves in the fascinations of technology, this should be something that we create. It would be beneficial to children’s learning career and it would probably help them out a lot academically and in hopes that it would lessen their dependency on technology because of their knowledge gain.

Source: Stephenson (through ~p104)

Posted by danisharogers   @   21 April 2018

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